Welcome back

My wife Shazni is part of Operation Star Light, a mission of the Malaysian Armed Forces to set up a field hospital in the Rohingya refugee camp situated at the resort town of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

The camp housed several million displaced Rohingyas fleeing prosecution from nearby Myanmar.

The Malaysian Field Hospital (MFH) was set up by the Malaysian Government under the purview of the Ministry of Defense. It is funded jointly by Malaysia and other national governments, with help from the host country Bangladesh.

It is a full-service hospital complete with a clinic, an operation theater, wards, and an ICU.

My wife runs the MFH obstetrics & gynaecology department for the past 3 months (she’s an O&G specialist). This is a video of her team in action:

The MFH was set up two years ago and will continue to operate until 2021. The hospital officers and staff are members of the Kor Kesihatan Diraja (Royal Medical Corps), sent in batches on a rotating basis: my wife is part of the 4th batch, which started service at the end of August 2019.

She has completed her tour of duty and will be back in KL in a few hours. I am leaving home shortly to pick her up from the airport.

Welcome back!

It has been fun being a “single” parent with a toddler for the past 3 months during her deployment, and as a result, I grew very close to my son. Although before her departure, we dreaded her being away for months, Alhamdulillah everything worked out pretty well for our family.

Well done to our men and women in green, who not only serve our country honorably abroad, but also putting forth selfless service towards the sick, the oppressed and the needy, regardless of where they are, and where they came from.

A service for humanity.

One thought on “Welcome back

  1. adus, macam mana nak like ni, post kat FB la bal haha! Welcome back bro, and thank you to your wife for helping our muslims brothers and sisters

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